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Join Us! — Volunteering at Aroma

Join Us as a Volunteer!

Many raised hands, in various colours and with a heart shaped marker on each hand, asking people if they can help by volunteering.

Would you like to help make a difference in the local community?

We’re looking for volunteers to help in the Coffee Shop or as Volunteer Bakers. Would you like to help?

  • In the Coffee Shop… We welcome volunteers to help us run the café: clearing the tables, washing up, taking orders at the till. If you’re able to help out for a few hours on a pretty regular basis that would be wonderful, and we’ll happily fit you into the rota!

  • As a Volunteer Baker… We love being able to offer delicious homemade cakes, tray bakes and biscuits for sale to our customers. (We’ll reimburse you for the ingredients you use.)


If you’re interested in volunteering to help in the Coffee Shop, or as a Volunteer Baker, please contact our Manager, Mel Gray, in the first instance for a chat and to find out more.

To arrange an appointment, either pop into Aroma or send Mel an email at


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